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First Defence Black Belt Schools Reviews

  • I've attended First Defence for 18 months and love it! Friendly, flexible & professional club for all ages, abilities and fitness levels 😁😁😁

    Nicky Y
  • Kids Martial Arts in Falmouth

    Our personal experience with First Defense Black Belt School has been great.

    Our child's confidence has grown considerably since starting this Taekwando School.

    He is more active and participates in group settings, makes friends easier and is confident in his abilities to stand up for himself if need be.

    We are happy with FDBBS and would recommend it highly to anyone who was interested, for both adults and children.

    Nikki S.
  • Kids Martial Arts in Falmouth

     My daughter has trained with First Defence for eight years and my son for seven years. Taekwondo is a great sport to enhance physical fitness but their theory work has really helped them both with their learning at school. 
    I would recommend First Defence to anyone looking for a sport outside of school or work. They are a great family team and encourage the children at higher level belts to help the younger children, great for creating strong role models.

    Satisfied Parent
  • Kids Martial Arts in Falmouth

    My son went here and I can honestly say it is a brilliant club with brilliant instructors and I would thoroughly recommend this club to anyone considering Marshall Arts and Fitness for themselves or their children. Very professional attitude from all involved.

    Ed F.
  • Kids Martial Arts in Falmouth

    First Defence Taekwondo is a great club. The centre in Falmouth is a great place to train and has a fantastic variety of equipment. 

    The Founder and chief instructor is a great teacher who not only got us through our black belts but incorporated other techniques and styles to make it a varied and interesting time.

    It was hard work but it was worth it all in the end.

    James T.
  • Kids Martial Arts in Falmouth

    Both my children and I have trained with this club for many years. It is family friendly with top quality instructors, demonstrated by the high calibre of students earning medals and trophies every time the club enters a competition. Cannot recommend them highly enough.

    Ian M.
  • Kids Martial Arts in Falmouth

    My son and I started at first defence a year ago now. We were new to the area and didn't know anyone. My son started doing Taekwondo which really helped him settle down. When I saw what a warm welcome he got it decided to give the adult KIK class a go and I'm so glad I did.
    This is a wonderfully run family business. Everyone that goes are so friendly and the techniques we learn are not only fun but potentially life saving.
    I could not recommended this place more. I'm never going to leave!

    Google User
  • Kids Martial Arts in Falmouth

    My son loves going to taekwondo. It's made him a lot more confident and improved his fitness. The instructors are great fun and work really hard to keep the little ones entertained, i would definitely recommend it!

    Daisy Op
  • Kids Martial Arts in Falmouth

    First Defence Black Belt School is a premier martial arts and fitness academy whose reputation as a world class leader has been recognised both nationally and internationally. The level of instruction and customer service is second to none. I continually recommend them to family and friends.

    Christopher A.
  • Kids Martial Arts in Falmouth

    I've been training with First Defence since 2003, and the quality of teaching provided here is unrivalled. I can't thank Mike enough for the training he has given me, or the understanding of respect and courtesy I wouldn't have otherwise been brought up with if it hadn't been for this club and all the people in it.

    Nikki L.
  • Kids Martial Arts in Falmouth

    Was an absolute pleasure to train here...unfortunately had to leave the club due to relocating but the instructors were awesome, classmates were lovely and learnt some really practical street style self defence....100% Recommend to people of all ages, sizes and levels of understanding.

    Arunjit B.

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