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EFC Awards

EFC Awards

First Defence Black Belt Schools Chief Instructor Mike Beard along with his family recently travelled to the EFC Summit held in Stratford-upon-Avon. This is a gathering of Martial Arts Instructors and Staff from all over the UK. The weekend consisted of Instructor and Staff training plus networking with other Instructors throughout the U.K.

The Summit plays an important part of Instructor and Staff development and ultimately this improves standards within the martial arts school. The Saturday evening consisted of a few presentations where First Defence Black Belt Schools were presented with 2 awards. Mrs Nikola Beard was presented with a Program Director Award which was engraved with the following "for gaining the respect and trust from families and students of all ages and for your ceaseless commitment and diligence.

Robert Beard who recently gained a sporting Excellence award from Exeter University also gained an Instructor award for demonstrating creativity, positive attitude and passion for martial arts instruction.

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