The Best Jumpstart Programme For Kids 4-7 Years Old

We want to introduce your child to the basics of martial arts and everything it has to offer. Our programme is easy to learn, practical, and enjoyable for our students. Lil Dragons work towards merit badges that are sewn onto the uniform so they have a visual progress. We make sure to train them at their pace and needs, ensuring they understand things safely and correctly. Our Lil' Dragons class is the best programme to introduce kicking, blocking, and chopping. Sign up today and give your child an early start to success!

Help Your Child Develop Focus, Discipline, and Confidence

Through our classes, we will help them achieve milestones in class while also learning about the skills they need in the outside world. Our exercises will help them have healthy self-esteem, more motivation and structure, and great interpersonal skills. Not only are our students going to have action-filled activities, but they will also adapt to others and their environment, making them well-rounded and respectful individuals.