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Falmouth Lil' Dragons Classes

Beginner Lil' Dragons Classes Enrolling In May

Lil' Dragons classes in Falmouth are specifically designed or 4-7 year olds, and is the perfect introduction to the martial arts world. Our experienced instructors will teach your child a variety of life skills, and will set them on a fast track to be successful in martial arts. Our Kids Martial Arts programs in Falmouth, teach at an appropriate pace so that each child will be able to learn and pick-up the basic self-defense moves.

Each program is full of fun activities your Lil' Dragon will enjoy. Our classes are guaranteed to get your child moving and participating in exercises they will love, like kicking, chopping, and blocking. We not only provide a fun environment for all kids, but a safe one. Our top-notch instructors will always encourage a safe and inviting atmosphere for every child.

Fun & Rewarding: Benefits of Lil' Dragons in Falmouth  

The main goal of our Lil' Dragons program is to further improve your child's focus, self-control, and self-confidence. That way, they will be motivated and ready to move on to the more challenging self-defence classes. The benefits are endless for you and your child both:

  • Your child will experience better behavior through self-control and concentration
  • Great physical activity
  • Your child will develop strong interpersonal skills
  • You will have a piece of mind knowing that your child is in good hands
  • And much more!

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Lil' Dragons Program Age Groups

  • From Age 4 To 7 (Lil' Dragons)

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